14 May 2021

GaniSponsor Marketplace #1 Place to meet Sponsors

GaniSponsor Marketplace #1 Place to meet Sponsors

Are you looking for sponsors?

For years, if a sponsor is looking for a property to partner with, they or the agency would contact their contacts to find out what properties are available in the market, compile and present to sponsors. Property owners either contact potential sponsors directly or apply for sponsorship on sponsors web pages or go through agencies that’s if the agency would agree to represent them. This also left those rights owners who were not “in contact” with the agencies or sponsors out as there was no way of contacting them.

We have thus created the sponsorship one stop shop where we provide a market place for Event/IP/Property/Rights owners/Agencies to register their properties – Events, Activity, Expos, Broadcast, Digital, Individual/Personality, IP, Teams, Organization, Charitable Programs, Educational Programs and more, from any sponsorship category (Sports, Arts, Culture, Design, Education, Youth, Music, Entertainment, Festivals, CSI or marketing Causes etc. The platform allows you to specify what you are looking for in terms of type of sponsorship you are looking for, number of sponsors, sponsorship rights fees as well as those metrics that help sponsors make decisions.

GaniSponsor Market place is an integrated solution to seamlessly connect sponsors and rights holders. Currently the platform is South African based. The vision is that all sponsors from different industries e.g. motor industry, telco, financial sector – banking and insurance, public sector and more can search our portfolio and identify the ideal sponsorship targets.

What’s in for you as a property owner? We provide a win-win situation. Sponsors are looking for properties to sponsor and you are looking for new sponsors. GaniSponsor Market Place currently provides easy registration, the use of the platform is free, free sponsorship profile, safety and security (you need to register in order to add and see your property), higher visibility to sponsors as we will pass it on to those companies or organisations that are looking to sponsor a property and should a sponsor find your offer attractive, it’s a deal.

We also promise confidentiality, you can upload the item you need sponsorship for as the property owner or as an agent representing the property owner. For now the service is free. Only when it comes to a deal that we broker, will a commission fee be applied (depends on whether you are an agent or rights holder).

Explore the full capability of the GaniSponsor Market Place, sign up and register your sponsorship property now at

About Ganizani Consulting

Ganizani (meaning let us think) Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd founded in 2011, is an integrated consultancy with an Information Technology arm (GaniTech) and Marketing service consultancy arm that offers a range of services. The company was founded on the insight that many organisations leverage on marketing and information systems to stay ahead of competition and to increase their productivity and efficiency. Our team have been in the tech and sponsorship game representing both sponsors and rights holders for more than 13 years.

21 Apr 2020

GanInsights #Marketing Desk Episode 3 – Global Case studies on marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic

The #GanInsights #marketingdesk chats on the impact of #covid19 on the sport, entertainment, lifestyle, live events industry. Today’s spotlight in the entertainment world is on #virtualparties with #djnice #blackcoffeedj #DJZinhle #TylerPerryChallenge #socialdistancingfestival From brands Standard Bank SME Debt repayment holiday, #cocacolaphilippines redirecting advertising spend to on the ground aid, #Nike Play Inside campaign. Stay tuned as we find more case studies on how brands are engaging during this period of time. Please keep sharing your case studies with us as well #brandstrategy #marketing #sponsorship #marketinginsights #marketinginsightseries

Watch all the case studies on our YouTube channel:

06 Mar 2019

AWS CDK the hidden key to the cloud for developers

AWS CDK the hidden key to the cloud for developers

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is giving software developers more edge in the cloud space. AWS CDK provides developers/ solution architects with the freedom to abstract their infrastructure into code that fulfil their cloud requirement without being to the declarative nature of cloud templates (json or yaml files ). REAL Code 🙂 can be written in java, javaScript, typedScript, c#, dot Net.

The CDK will generate the equivalent AWS CloudFormation template that can be consumed by AWS Cloud formation service to generate all cloud resources the developer represented inside his code.

AWS CDK gives the developer the opportunity to spend more time on his/her best algorithm rather then dwelling on getting lost inside AWS Cloudformation syntax and copy cloud formation copy & paste template snippets.


26 Feb 2019

Why AWS CloudWatch does not have Memory usage metric by default

Metrics that AWS provides are collected at the hypervisor level. But memory metrics (like disk metrics) are sourced from the OS level. A custom metrics are required to be periodically push to CloudWatch so that the memory and disk utilization metrics are visible on cloud Watch.

Monitoring Memory and Disk Metrics for Amazon EC2 Linux Instances