21 Apr 2020

Thought Leaders – Integrated Marketing Communications: Episode 01: Judith Mugeni

Thought Leaders – Integrated Marketing Communications: Episode 01: Judith Mugeni

Ritevac TV interviewed Judith Mugeni: Founder and Managing Partner-Marketing and Strategy at Ganizani Consulting Services, Strategic Marketing and Tech firm. At that time – the Business Director: Experienced Integrated Marketing Comms, Sponsorship Strategist and Researcher at Octagon.

The insights focused around the strategic planning tool 5ws and 1h tool for marketing.

Putting a Marketing Plan together? Ask yourself these simple questions as the first step:


  • What are you?
  • Answer this in terms of what is  you are offering the market? Describe your  products and or services,  using its Features and benefits?


  • Who are you offering i.e. your products and or services to? Ask who should be buying or using our products and services? Who is your target audience?
  • This is what we call segmentation.
  • This requires you to break down the market into different segments – sets –  that would use your product and services and then choosing the viable ones (e.g. primary and secondary market).
  • Describe them as much as you can in terms of:
    • Demographics (describe them using elements such as age, gender, income, marital status, ethnic group, LSMs/Socio Economic status etc) ,
    • Pyschographics (activities, personality and values, attitudes),
    • Geographics (local, regional, provincial, national, cities, towns etc),
    • Behavioural (benefits, usage rates – for example once a month, three times a day, breakfast etc and patterns)


  • Where – where can you find your target audience – the answer to this gives you contact/touch points,
  • Thus where can they find you (distribution channels) – this is the P in marketing called place


  • When – refers to timing (is your offering seasonal or is all year round)
  • When do you target your target audience and when do you offer your services?


  • For the company -it’s important that you ask yourself – what are your marketing objectives? Why are you doing what you are doing? What do you seek to achieve (for example increase sales, push foot traffic to the stores, traffic to our website)
  • And for the consumer – ask yourself why should they care? Why should they choose you?

How – After you have all the W’s put them next to each other and create the action plan? The tactics. How will you engage the target audience?

Application using our own company for example:

What: Ganizani Consulting services is a marketing and tech firm. We offer technology services such as digital to include digital marketing, mobile application, website design and development, cloud computing solutions, solutions architecture and software development. Our strategic marketing arm focuses on brand strategy (brand audit, brand CI including designing your logo and look and feel), strategy workshops, marketing strategy, market research, events marketing,  integrated marketing communications, sponsorship marketing.

Who: Our main target audience are SMMEs – small to medium sized businesses, who are looking to grow their brands through technological advancement and marketing – getting the right product at the right price to the right place to reach the consumer.

Where: We operate on the African continent and our headoffice is based in South Africa.

When – our services are not seasonal, clients can call us whenever they have a need to grow their business. To get a hold of us, our offices are open monday to friday from 8am till 6m.

Why – our value proposition is in our name which is to think – we offer strategic solutions based on industry know how and based on client needs. All our solutions are çustom built. Our consumers care because we make it easy for them to defend the solution and offer return on investment in all we do.

How – to reach our target audiences above we use our website to communicate our offering, we use social media such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter (which gives us exposure to the African continent), we blog and appear as guests on podcast if needed).

That is the simple strategic planning tool – used properly it can provide reach insights into your business

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