Gani OMS

Gani OMS, is an Order management system that was designed to help small to medium African Businesses manage their businesses efficiently; to expose them to the great potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and marketing in order for them to grow their businesses and manage them well.

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Your All-In-One business / Marketing Solution

Know your Customers

Capture and manage all your customer’s information. Information such as address, contact details, social media information, personal customer information such as birthdate, etc are taken care of.

Know your Products/Services

Capture and manage all your products and services information. Information such as product code, description, supliers and pricing are taken care of.

Control, collect and fulfill orders

Capture and Manage order and its full life cycle. Approval, cancellation, and rejection processes are taken care of.

Collect Payments

Manages all applicable african types of payment such as mobil money, cash, debit and bank deposits. Payment reconciliation and notification are taken care of.