20 Feb 2020

Test Lead

• Work with the enterprise architecture and the services/applications team to plan one or more of the following: component, product, performance, integration, and user acceptance tests.
• Determine all testing environment requirements and tools.
• Review the development process to ensure that defect tracking (identification, fixing, re-testing and migration of defects) is properly addressed. If not, define the defect tracking process and incorporate it into the overall development process.
• Manage testers’ work throughout test plan development and test execution to ensure that testing is on time and within budget.
• Allocate test resources to application tests in a multi-test environment.
• Ensure that all testing results are easily accessible (i.e. stored in a commonly- accessible directory) and understandable.
• Measure and monitor progress during each test to ensure that the application is tested, validated, and piloted on time and within budget, and that it meets or exceeds expectations.
• Ensure that the team follows the testing standards, guidelines, and testing methodology as specified in the testing approach.
• Review test, validation, and pilot results to ensure that they meet the entry and exit criteria.
• Participate in quality management reviews to ensure adherence to all quality management plans and standards.

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