14 Sep 2018

Ganizani Consulting – The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Tech Partner

It is 2 weeks to go till the the premier jazz festival – The 21st Standard Bank Joy of Jazz!

We have been honoured to have experienced this festival first hand – from behind the scenes. Ganizani Consulting is the appointed Tech partner for the festival – looking after the festival website and the mobile App. We are in our 3rd year developing the mobile app, the task of looking after the website was an added win!

Our task is not to just build another site but rather to use the latest technology to sustain this brand and keep up with its needs as the festival grows further. We will be able to give the user an experience not only of this year’s festival but allow the user to go back in time to the previous editions.

“Building a technology based company is not a once off thing, it isn’t built overnight, it is a process, the impact of all the work done behind the scenes will be seen in the long term. ” said Jordy Mugeni, Managing Partner.

From an organisational perspective, this has been a learning process for a small business. We have had to really put the word “agile” into practice. “In the world of marketing, things change very quickly, what is needed is a company that is agile enough to keep up with the pace, the team and the technology needs to deliver. Our customers are fickle, they will go straight to social media when their experience is somehow frustrating them,” said Judith Mugeni heading the Integrated Marketing Communications of the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz and Managing Partner to Ganizani Consulting.

We adopt the view shared by Alice Bonasio that “such a large proportion of any company’s value nowadays resides in intellectual property, that it is safe to say that keeping your workforce’s skills up to date has to be the cornerstone of any successful business strategy – especially for technology companies.”

We continue to invest in our employees, ensuring that they are ahead of the game and can deliver solutions to our clients par excellence.